Employee Spotlight

Maricelle   Cabrera, CNA

Maricelle Cabrera, CNA

Maricelle Cabrera began her nursing career on Hilo Medical Center’s Medical Unit. She learned a lot from the hospital’s largest, high-pace unit, but had to make the drive from Pahala into Hilo for work, spending many hours on the road and away from her family.

Then a CNA position opened up at Ka`u Hospital. She applied and now works just minutes from her home and family. Maricelle says, “It’s nice to care for our patients who are family members of ours or our friends.”  

In addition to caring for patients, she also signed up to be a part of Ka’u Hosptial’s Hospital Emergency Response Team or HERT Team, that is at the ready to help respond to the call during a disaster.

Mahalo Maricelle for caring for your community!

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